samedi 24 septembre 2011

My first Diana F+ vintage analogue photos


I've discover lomography recently, and I fail in love with it, so I bought a Diana F+.
That camera was first released in china back in the 80's.

I loaded the Diana with a color slide / X - pro 120 film 200 and went for a walk along the canal...


I wish I could share more than those 2 pics but lomography isn't as easy as it seems, I need practice.

That's the beauty of it, you never know how it'll come out....


If you want to learn more about lomography, visit their site I'm sure you'll love it !!

samedi 17 septembre 2011

By the canal on a hot saturday

It is always a wonder how sun & hot weather can make the world so beautiful !!

Strolling by the"canal de l'Ourcq" all the way to "La Villette" in Paris under an amazing sky & a stunning light.

I crossed an incredible horse race & a dancing angel ...


Look how serious & concentrated this young jockey is ... heading to win !!!


While on the opposite side of the canal an angel is having fun dancing & running, or maybe she's flying .....